Phoenix Aerial specializes in providing solutions for management, visualization and collection of geo-spatial information.

Our team consists of industry leading specialists all focused on one task - inventing affordable, accurate and unrestricted measurement solutions.

What is LiDAR

Light Detection And Ranging works by sending laser pulses into many, accurately defined directions in fast succession. Measuring the time it takes for each laser-pulse to be reflected and returned to the LiDAR-scanner allows reconstruction of all surfaces surrounding the scanner. Dynamic LiDAR mapping further requires fusing the returned pulse with the accurate world-position of the scanner at that time, so that returned points can also be recorded in a world coordinate system.


2014-11-20 Phoenix Introduces New Scout S1000 Copter

Introducing the new Scout S1000 copter.  The S1000 is a proven multirotor manufactured by DJI and is an ideal platform for the new Scout LiDAR system.  Flight times up to 15 minutes.  For more info click the following link: Scout S1000 Copter

2014-11-11 Congratulations to University of California, Merced!

Congratulations to University of California, Merced on your new AL2 LiDAR mapping system!

2014-10-20 Phoenix Aerial introduces Low Cost UAV LiDAR System

Phoenix Aerial Systems introduces two game changing UAV LiDAR products: the Scout, a lightweight low-cost mapping system, and the Ranger, a survey grade long range system featuring the Riegl VUX-1 sensor. Read More

2014-10-08 Phoenix Aerial Systems to exhibit at UAS Mapping 2014

The ASPRS Northern California Region is hosting a 2-day symposium on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Reno, NV on October 21-22.

2014-09-05 Velodyne announces VLP-16 Puck

Today, Velodyne Lidar announced the VLP-16 LIDAR Puck at an introductory price of only USD 7,999. It is expected to ship at the end of the calendar year. Starting with product availability, the VLP-16 can be selected for the AL2, either instead or in addition to the HDL-32E.

2014-08-29 Epoch UAV

Phoenix Aerial Systems introduces the Epoch UAV, a compact electric multirotor UAV designed for fast and safe mapping using the Aerial LIDAR2 (AL2). The UAV is available now, lead time is 4 weeks.